Arms & Hands

medi offers a wide range of compression garments for patients with mild, moderate or severe arm lymphoedema and chest oedema. Available in flat knit or round knit hosiery and also inelastic compression sleeves. Along with a wide range of variants and innovative features, medi arm compression garments have up to 16 off-the-shelf sizes in round knit and unlimited variations in flat knit made-to-measure for all arm requirements to treat lymphoedema.

Compression garments play an important part in the treatment of lymphoedema, be it primary or secondary, and usually affects the arms or legs, although in some cases there may be swelling in the chest, head or genitals. Compression chest and arm garments are an essential part of ongoing care and must always be worn to ensure reductions in limb volume are maintained.

Medi ButlerArm Donning Aid

The medi arm butler is a donning aid for medical compression armsleeves and is available in two sizes. PRICES ARE VAT INCLUSIVE


Medi ButlerDonning Aid

medi Export Butler Donning aid for compression hosiery simplifies donning of compression stockings and is also suitable for all styles of hosiery also for people with restricted mobility PRICES ARE VAT INCLUSIVE


Arion Fitting AidsMagnide Application Aid

Take the strain out of applying compression stockings Magnide has been specifically designed to alleviate the problems experienced when donning compression stockings and tights with closed toe.