Duomed® Softduomed® soft 2easy®

unique 2 piece compression stocking


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duomed® soft 2easy® - compression innovation from a UK based Dermatologist

duomed® soft 2easy® was the brainchild of Dr Rob Lister who, after many years in the clinical field, recognised a worrying trend amongst patients failing to wear the compression devices needed to manage vascular conditions and chronic oedema.

Talking to patients, he found that a big issue was that the compressive nature of the standard one-piece garments made them difficult to put on or take off, especially for those who struggled to bend down or had dexterity issues.

The fact that duomed® soft 2easy® is a two-piece rather than a singular garment makes it much easier to get over the foot and past the ankle. The easy donning and doffing of duomed soft® 2easy® compression will drastically improve the quality of life for thousands of people living with vascular and chronic oedema.

Features and benefits of duomed® soft 2easy®

For the management of mild/early signs of venous disease and/or leg swelliing


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