Genumedi® E+motion®Performance knee support

Performance knee support for soft tissue compression


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Product features

Intended purpose

Genumedi is a knee bandage for soft tissue compression.

Genumedi® E+motion® - support for soft tissue compression

The Genumedi® E+motion® knee support is equipped with high-quality Merino fibres. While the fibre combination warms in winter, it has a cooling effect in the summer. Active fibres also ensure optimised breathability of the support. The extra high stability provides support, especially during extreme movements. The support is flexible and elastic - for a reliable fit, without slipping.

Genumedi® E+motion® can be used for all indications requiring soft tissue compression with local pads in the area of the patella. This may be needed for slight instability of the knee joint as well asosteoarthritis and arthritis. Furthermore, the support can be used for patellofemoral pain syndrome.

The integrated 3D silicone quartz pad in the support for soft tissue compression dissipates swelling (oedema, haematomas). The silicone quartz pad with a 3D profile gently massages the tissues at every movement. A further objective of the support: to regain stability in the knee joint. The compressive knitted fabric can improve proprioception, which in turn supports the body in guiding and stabilising the knee joint step by step. It also achieves a noticeable relief of pressure: the knee support for soft tissue compression has an open enclosure of the patella for perceptible pressure relief on the kneecap.

Thanks to the extra-large medi Comfort Zone, the Genumedi® E+motion® support allows more freedom of movement. The knee support is also marked by its functionality. The 4-fold silicone dot coating ensures a firm hold on the knee - without slipping. Genumedi® E+motion® provides flexibility and an an exact fit as well as stability and a firm hold - for example, during physical stresses at work, in everyday life and when playing sports.


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