JuxtaLiteLower Legging

Juxtalite is an instantly adjustable compression device suitable for all venous disorders (after ulcer healing). PRICES ARE VAT INCLUSIVE


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The adjustable compression device juxtalite lower legging is the solution for all those who have challenges with medical compression stockings. Thanks to the four interlacing bands the donning and doffing is very fast and simple. With the help of the integrated circaid Built-In-Pressure System (BPS) the required compression range can be adjusted and measured exactly. The ability to simply readjust the compression range during the day avoids a loss of pressure and thus prevents the device from sliding down. This leads to a consistent and effective compression therapy of venous diseases. 

Product benefits

New: Also available with new compressive undersock moderate

Applies graduated compression to the foot and ankle

Graduated compression continues into the leg portion of the undersock


Intended purpose

The compression system is designed to provide compression to the leg for patients with venous and lymphatic disorders.


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