Arion Fitting AidsMagnide Application Aid

Take the strain out of applying compression stockings Magnide has been specifically designed to alleviate the problems experienced when donning compression stockings and tights with closed toe.




Magnide is made from smooth material, which has been treated with a special coating. These qualities create a smooth aid that reduces friction significantly. The friction reduction of Magnide helps minimize the physical strain otherwise experienced by caregivers and patients. In turn, this has a positive effect on the therapy compliance of patients. Also, with clear and simple instructions-for-use, patients can enjoy the freedom and convenience of independently donning compression hosiery for a long time.

The ultimate donning aid for closed toe compression stockings and tights


Reduction of physical strain for both the caregiver and the user.

Increase in patient's independence and therapy compliance

Stockings retain therapeutic graduated compression longer

Easy to use

Saves time and money


Take it anywhere


Brand: Arion


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