Medi ButlerArm Donning Aid

The medi arm butler is a donning aid for medical compression armsleeves and is available in two sizes. PRICES ARE VAT INCLUSIVE



Practical donning aid for the compression sleeve

Donning compression armsleeves can be a particular challenge for users. This is because as the armsleeve is pulled up over the arm, only one hand is free to position the sleeve correctly. This hand also needs to simultaneously stretch the knitted fabric. The medi arm Butler offers the solution: the practical donning aid stretches the knitted fabric, which simplifies donning of sleeves. This way, the assistance of a second person is no longer necessary.

With the donning aid, users with restricted mobility can also put on the compression armsleeves independently. The armsleeve is first pulled over the frame, so that the knitted fabric is stretched. The seam should be slightly offset to the side. With the palm of the hand facing downwards, the sleeve can be positioned correctly on the arm without much effort. Furthermore, medi arm Butler protects the knitted fabric when donning medical and clinical armsleeves. The donning aid can be used irrespective of the sleeve model and length.


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