mediven mondi®mediven mondi® thigh with silicone topband flat knit off shelf

mediven mondi® thigh high flat knit stocking with silicone topband 25-32mmHg european standard class 2


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Fashionable compression stocking with low wall stability

mediven mondi® is a flat knit medical stocking for compression of the legs. It is mainly used in the treatment of diseases of the lymphatic system and for lipoedema. Thanks to its low wall stability and high transverse stretch, the compression stocking is suitable for newcomers to flat knit garments It scores points with its particularly soft and sheer knitted fabric, while the high transverse stretch ensures lower pressure.

The Clima Fresh function prevents odours, above all in warm temperatures.

mediven mondi® compression garments are particularly suitable for patients with normal to firm connective tissues and normal leg shapes without pronounced skin folds or large differences in circumferences (sudden changes in calibre). The product is suitable for lipoedema and lymphoedema up to stage II . mediven mondi® can also be used for chronic venous insufficiency with a pronounced tendency for oedema to form. 



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