mediven thrombexin®18below knee anti-embolism stocking

The stocking for thrombosis prevention In the case of immobile, bed-ridden patients.


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Bayreuth (ots)

Everyone who has ever had an inpatient operation knows them: the white hospital stockings - thigh-length and not sexy at all. In fact, they are true guardian angels when it comes to preventing thrombosis and pulmonary embolism.

But not all socks are the same: mediven's thrombexin 18 from medi performed best in a comparison test * with socks from other manufacturers. In contrast to drugs, which, regardless of the manufacturer, always contain the same amounts of active ingredient, the measurements revealed large differences in the pressure behavior of the stockings. The mediven thrombexin 18 achieved the best results in terms of compression pressure and pressure curve. This knowledge is crucial, because an effective thrombosis prophylaxis with medical thrombosis prophylaxis stockings only takes place if the physical properties (graduated compression pressure over the entire leg) are guaranteed by the manufacturing process and material. The stockings only work if they achieve the required technical and functional safety.

Product benefits

Intended purpose

Round knitted clinical compression stocking for compression of the lower extremities, mainly for prevention of diseases of the venous system.



Advanced peripheral arterial occlusive disease (if one of these parameters is present: ABPI < 0.5, ankle arterial pressure < 60 mmHg, toe pressure < 30 mmHg or TcPO2 < 20 mmHg on dorsum of foot), Decompensated heart failure (NYHA III + IV), Septic thrombophlebitis, Phlegmasia cerulea dolens, Massive leg oedema.

Take especial care if the patient has:

Severe weeping dermatosis, Intolerance to compressive material, Severe paraesthesia in the limbs, Advanced peripheral neuropathy (e.g. in diabetes mellitus), Primary chronic polyarthritis

Material components

18% elastane, 82% polyamide


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