mediven thrombexin®18thigh length anti-embolism stocking with waist attachment

Anti-embolism stocking thigh with waist attachment with 18 mmHg


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Test winner amongst anti-embolism stocking

Immobile patients have particular needs while they are in hospital. The inactivity of the calf muscle pump reduces the speed of the venous blood flow back to the heart. This results in an increased risk of thrombosis or postoperative and posttraumatic oedema formation. Standardised compression with graduated pressure control acts on the veins and the tissue, increasing the flow rate of the blood. This can reduce postoperative and posttraumatic oedema and effectively prevent thrombosis.

The requirement for effective thrombosis and oedema prophylaxis is the declining pressure gradient from distal to proximal. In a comparative test 1 mediven thrombexin 18 achieved the best results in terms of biomechanical properties, such as the pressure curve. The authors emphasise that the test winner is the anti-embolism stocking from medi. Only this stocking could fulfill all test criteria.2


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